Friday, November 4, 2011

Local Holiday

Today marks the first day of Deer Hunting Season which is pretty much a holiday here.  I do not hunt but Y does.  I don't see anything wrong with hunting but I don't have the patience for it.  When Y shoots a deer, he butchers it.  He will usually take it in and have venison sticks, jerky or brats made with the meat.

Lil Punk and I are going up tomorrow to the place where Y hunts.  We've never went with him before but he hunts with his good buddy and his buddy's wife invited us to go with her.  It won't be a very expensive weekend.  I did pick up drinks today to bring with and then there will be gas for the trip.  That should be pretty much it for expenses.

Does anybody else deer hunt?


  1. my family hunts ~ we have the big old game dinners & everything.... (i personally have no interest in it! if I didn't look like my mom, I would think that I was adopted! We have almost nothing in common!)

  2. I don't hunt, but all my cousins do so I can enjoy the spoils that way. Venison jerky is my favourite!

  3. We dont here but my cousins all live in colorado and they bow hunt for deer, elk and turkey.


  4. Never hunted, but that sounds like a lot of fun. Not the butcher part but the being out doors part. :) Hope you had a wonderful time.