Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 in Review

2011 was a good year for me.  This year I did the following:
  • Became micomanaged at my old job
  • Quit my old job and was told to immediately clean my personal items out and leave
  • Got a new awesome job that I love!
  • Went from 5 banks down to 2, much simpler and easier
  • Cleaned out my old savings account from my other job that was close to $10,000 and added it to my regular savings
  • Received Y's pay from being stop-lossed
  • Settled into our new house
  • Grew a garden for the very first time and decided that I need a little bit smaller one this coming year
  • Tried canning for the first time ever and loved it.  I have a weakness for all things pickled.
  • Decided that I needed to work on my marriage and opted to watch Dr. Phil to get good ideas and it has worked.
  • Decided to wait to have Baby #2 because we need a stronger marriage
  • Paid down my mortgage by $35,000 roughly
  • Took Lil Punk to the lake many times and she loved it
  • Started my first 401K
  • Managed to live and thrive in the country.  It's not always easy being a half mile from your nearest neighbor.
  • Became a part of the small community in which I live.  I actually recognize people at the grocery store.  The manager is okay with me giving a couple grapes to Lil Punk in the store.  I offer to pay extra when I check out and they always refuse.
  • Bought my first pair of skinny jeans
  • Ran a 3 mile charity run
  • Went camping over Memorial Weekend with good friends
  • Supported one of my very good friends as her husband is deployed. 
  • Took a weekend trip with Y and Lil Punk.  We checked out an aquarium and had a great time.
  • Planted trees
  • Planted strawberry and raspberry plants
All in all, it was a very good year.  I had a little adjustment to the country life but I love it.  I keep getting ideas on things that I want to do the following year.  I will do another post about that.

I love seeing other blogger's ideas for 2012 but I also love seeing the good things that you did in 2011.  Please steal this post idea because I love reading about the positives in your lives. 


  1. I would say it was a pretty good year :)

  2. Definitely an awesome year for you. I just might steal this idea but it might take me a little while to recap and put together everything.

    One of if not the best thing that I did in 2011 was start blogging and because of that I met you and you have been....

    Actually, I need to go work on a post that you just inspired me to write. I will definitely finish that sentence later but it may come as a surprise.

    In one word you are simply amazing(this isn't me finishing the sentence). I wish you and your family all the best in 2012.