Sunday, December 11, 2011

Small Grocery Trips

Y talked to me about my grocery shopping habits.  I tend to prefer to grocery shop twice a month.  I usually spend around $150 to $200 per trip and get the items that we will need for the next couple weeks.  Y asked me not to do that because we have so much food in the house after I go shopping.  He does have a problem controlling how much food he eats and he said that its too hard for him to control his eating habits when we have a full pantry and fridge.  I'm trying to respect his wishes and grocery shop less but its so hard.  I think that I spend more because I have to go to the store more often.  I also notice that I am less likely to pick up staples like rice and flour when I shop for only a few things at once.

I think that the most efficient way to grocery shop is to menu plan for 2 weeks and shop for everything that we will need.  I have to supplement those trips by buying milk and some produce in between. 

Does anybody have any tips on how to grocery shop with smaller trips to the store?  Do I still menu plan for a week?  It sounds silly but its hard for me to shop for an entire week and only buy what we will need for meals.  I have ended up not doing much menu planning and just picking up the essentials to get us through.


  1. I go grocery shopping once every 2 weeks, with a small trip in between. I think this is the best option for us.

  2. Buy staples once a month, flour, rice, freezer stuff, and buy once a week fresh. Four trips a month.

  3. I used to do two trips a month like you. A couple months ago I started doing weekly trips and I like that better and found I spent less money. I still menu plan and I don't worry about running out of anything.