Sunday, December 18, 2011

We Bought Half a Pig

We bought half a pig and got it today.  This morning I drove an hour and a half to meet my best friend to pick up the pig.  We got about 100 pounds of pork.  It is all packaged and wrapped.  We had bacon and ham made.  It is more expensive to have the bacon and ham but it is so worth it.

My best friend's parents bought the pigs when they were babies and fed it out.  I prefer buying my meat from farmers because I know that they aren't injected with tons of hormones.  I don't get so caught up in completely organic because I'm okay with having the animal eat corn that was sprayed with insecticide.  However, I'm not okay with all the hormones that make an animal reach maturity in half the normal time. 

We paid $100 for the pork and $80 for the packaging and smoking.  That evens out to be $1.80 per pound.  Yes, I know that you can get meat cheaper than that in the grocery store but you can't get thick cut bacon or good pork chops for less than that.

Now we just need to find somebody to sell us a half or quarter of a beef.  Since we have the pasture space, we might just have to get a steer.  That is a huge undertaking.  I'm not sure if we're ready for that :)


  1. Oh, that is a great price for quality pork! Will we get some recipes for what you do with 100lbs of pork?

  2. You got a killer deal! I buy 1/4 pig and pay $150! Enjoy! It's Sooo much better than store bought!!

  3. I think $1.80 a pound is a great buy! If I had room I would raise a steer!