Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feb 2011 Goals and Annual Goals

I have a few goals for February.  Here goes:

  • Have tax documents ready
  • File taxes--appt set for 2/28
  • Stick to $500 budget for NYC--I think I will do a separate post on this
  • Get house plans drawn up--If we don't get this in writing and as a goal, who knows how long we could put it off.
  • Make wellness check with doctor
  • Keep to grocery budget of $400
I also wrote down my annual goals but I never posted them on my blog.  Here goes:


  • Stop and stay not smoking
  • Pay off mortgage
  • Keep $30,000 in savings

  • plant 2 apple trees
  • plant asparagus
  • plant vegetable garden
  • plant herb garden
  • Run at least a 5K
  • Go on a mini-vacation with family
  • Go on a solo vacation  (NYC will count as this.)
LOL!  You can tell that I was thinking about the summer and planting food when I made my non-financial goals. 

Have you made goals for Feb?


  1. Good luck with your goals! And I haven't made mine yet.

  2. Love your list of goals! Especially the solo vacation! Good luck! :)

  3. I made 12 goals for 2012. My January goals include a bite sized chunk of those goals. My February goals are this: to do a little bit better than January.

    For example: One of my goals was to lose 27 pounds this year. In January I lost 2 pounds. My new Feb goal is to lose 3 pounds :)