Sunday, January 22, 2012

Feb. Menu Plan and Random Tidbits

I've not been so good at menu planning because I like to decide what I'm going to have that day.  I want to start menu planning so I'm better prepared with both grocery shopping and eating down some food in the pantry/freezer.

Monday--Black Bean Soup, I actually tried making this tonight in preparation and I might need to alter something.  The beans are good but I threw away the broth because it was black and not very good, maybe Black Bean Tacos instead.

Tuesday--pork loin, potatoes, veg


Thursday--tuna melts with veggies


Saturday--Pork Chops with rice and veggies, probably in the Crock Pot


Monday--shrimp, garlic toast, veggies

January has been a very expensive month for us.  Property taxes ($734), Annual life Insurance premium ($297.50), new fuel pump for Y's truck ($300) plus maybe labor for that if he can't do it himself, Propane ($1400), Plane ticket to New York ($343), where does it end?

I know that not all of the expenses are surprises but its just hard when they all hit in one month.  We don't set a certain dollar amount for things like property taxes.  It all just comes out of our monthly cash flow and savings. 

I'm not sure where we will be sitting as far as a tax refund.  We paid in about $5000 more in federal taxes this year and made about the same as last year but we don't have all the write-offs from my old job that we had last year.  Either way, I much prefer not having to part with half my paycheck and not getting back as much of a tax refund. 

Y's employer wasn't able to correct their HR screw up and didn't even apologize.  They just said that it can't be fixed and that is how it is.  It sucks but I'm not surprised that they can't fix it. 

Happy Week to come!  Let's make the most of it!


  1. My menu plan for this week is kind of like yours!

    And I'm guessing my tax refund will be around $5K, hopefully.

  2. Ouch! Lots of biggies, but that's life, right?! I hate menu planning too... It's worse than scrubbing the toilet in my books. lol!

  3. I hate menu planning. I do it but my Lord I hate it. At least you were able to pay everything that came up so that is a good thing