Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan 2011 Menu Plan Update

This has been the first time that I've really tried to stick to a menu plan and its going okay.  We've made it 4 days and we've made 4 of the planned menu items, just not on the day that they were supposed to happen.  On Tuesday, we had planned to have pork loin, potatoes and veggies.  Y decided to make lasagna instead.  Yesterday we were going to have spaghetti but Y made pork loin.  We had chili today instead of tuna melts.

I think that it might be best to plan a certain number of meals but leave it open on which day we make what.  It is helpful to have a list posted in the kitchen of meals that we have everything for instead of wondering if we should make something and only having half the ingredients.

I think to make this work I need to loosen it up a little bit on which day we have what.  I think that it will cut down on unnecessary grocery spending.

Lil Punk is using the potty all the time now.  She still has accidents at daycare but we're working on that.  If she goes the entire day at daycare without an accident, she gets to pick out a treat at the store on the way home.  She usually gets string cheese so its not like she's getting candy to ruin her dinner.  Cutting diapers out of the budget will free up about $60 or more per month.  I can buy treats to see the end of that. 

How do others do their menu plan?  Do you just plan a certain number of meals and decide what to make that day?  Or do you always stick to having what you wrote down on the menu plan?


  1. Menu planning is the bane of my existence... lol! I do a general menu plan for the week, then let hubby & kids choose what they want. I don't ever stick to the "right night" or get through a full weeks menu... ;)

  2. Woo Hoo! No more diapers! I don't stick to a menu plan like glue. Mostly because it is just the two of us and I am never home at dinner. I am teaching usually until 7:30 sometimes 8:30. I do leave things for hubby to cook. I chop onions into a container and have it in the fridge. I will thaw out say hamburger, chicken breasts, porkchops, spaghetti sauce. Then he can choose to add potatoes or vegetables of his choice. I eat what ever he cooks. Then I cook on weekends. I find if I have three kinds of meat thawed out I am less likely to take the easy way out and stop for something. Tonight we had toasted egg salad sandwiches. I boiled a dozen eggs on Tuesday. If you have potatoes cooked, onions chopped, meat unfrozen, you are just ahead of the game.

  3. I tried doing a meal plan, too, but I just didn't like it. Now I sort of grocery shop around sales with specific meals in mind, but I don't assign them a day. I think you have to do what works for you or you just give up!