Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Planning to Build Our House

Y and I need to start looking at getting estimates to build our house.  We have a tentative plan of a house drawn up that Y did.  We definitely want that plan.  We had wanted to wait until spring 2012 but if we can swing it, we might start building this summer, probably around August. 

Y is off  today  so I told him to call a local builder that we’ve heard very good things about.  Y called him and didn’t get an answer.  He left him a message so I’m hoping that we hear back soon.  I want to meet with them and have them draw up a real house plan.  With that, we can have them do an estimate.  We will likely take it to a few builders to get different estimates. 

I am a little bit nervous because I don’t think that we’ll be able to afford the house that we want.  I think that it will be out of our price range.  The price range that we’re looking at is $200,000.  That does not include the land as we will own that outright by the time we start building.  That will also not include the well but probably will include a new septic.  Y said that we need a new one and we might as well get a new one when we’re building compared to having problems with our current one a year down the road.

A part of me thinks that we can’t build the house we want for $200,000 but that is a fair bit of money.  Many new houses cost less than that.  Our first house was brand new and only cost $137,000 for a 2045 square foot bi-level home in town which included the lot.  Y can do a majority of the plumbing and maybe wiring.  We can also cut costs by doing our own painting.  (I talked to Y about painting ourselves and he promptly vetoed that idea.)

I get so excited to actually thing about building our house.  Any advice?

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  1. Will a builder draw up the plans or will you have to hire an architect? If the builder is willing to do it will it cost you anything?