Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Potty Training Tips??

I am looking for any and all potty training tips.  Lil Punk is to the point that she has worn underwear to daycare the last couple days but still has a couple accidents during the day. 

Any and all suggestions and tips welcome!


  1. Hi, just came across your blog through some of our common blogs. I'm also struggling with my youngest J being potty trained. He just doesn't seem very interested. I may need to check up on this post to see what kind of tips/tricks you get :)

  2. Make your expectations clear and then always focus more on the peeing in the toilet than the accidents. Positive positive positive!

    I'm a big fan of bribery. In my experience if they can, they will for that special something (pick out a candy at the grocery store, read an extra book), and if they can't then it's pretty much as simple as that. You then just direct it more as a goal, chart the progress (5 days out of 7 without an accident and we'll celebrate), upping the ante each time a goal is met then set a long term goal with a big to-do at the end.

    Some folks are against such tactics but I figure that's how life works... we provide a skill for a reward. No one wants to go to work for no pay. Humans thrive on pride and accomplishment and the only way to achieve anything is to try.

    P.S. This doesn't work with overcoming irrational fears because they are after all, irrational.

  3. I'm with Money Madwoman about bribery. It totally worked for my older boy. He has a sweet tooth(well, all of them are sweet:)) So I got him bunch of huge jelly beans,we had a big celebration- A Big Boy party and promised him a jelly bean every time he uses a potty. Oh, and we ourselves ate one every time we used the bathroom. The first day he was watching us eating all these jelly beans and he was SO mad that we didn't share :) But the second day, it clicked! Good luck with that!

  4. Thank you all for your tips. I have started bribing her with fruit snacks and it works well when we're at home. She still won't go at daycare but hopefully after this weekend she will.