Friday, February 10, 2012

Guest Post: Rafiki: Patience with Saving

This is a guest post from my fellow blogger Rafiki.  I have been reading his blog for over a year and I enjoy his wit and determination.  I will be doing a guest post for him in the near future but I'm kind of a bad (and busy) blogging friend and haven't gotten that far. 
Saving money? Hard. Managing time? Being in a relationship? Hard. Raising a child? Hard. Getting a degree? Hard. Finding a job? Hard. Starting a business? Hard.

Learning and having patience? Extra Hard.

The truth is though, the answer to those first seven questions and many more questions in life can be easily changed from 'hard' to 'can be hard' and then further changed to an easy if you can learn and use the skill mentioned in the last question.

That skill is Patience and in today's fast paced world it is even more rare to find and even harder to learn and use.

To achieve anything it takes time and the cold truth has always been time waits on no man. As true as the saying is, it doesn't mean that we must have everything instantaneously or with amazon prime 2 day shipping. A little patience and you can use you free super saver shipping which can save you money and get the same results.

Without patience you can set yourself up for some major disappointment. Disappointment can bring a tonne of bad waves on your day to day life and activities. For example, suppose you were waiting on something to be delivered, it was scheduled to arrive at 3 pm. You wake up in the morning all excited and can't wait for 3 pm to come. You don't know what to do to get the time to pass but there is so much you can do and should be doing, instead of focusing on those other things, your mind is occupied with your package that should be arriving at 3pm. You fill your entire morning and afternoon doing unconstructive stuff, browsing the internet reviewing your package, tracking the shipment to make sure it is on time to arrive, playing solitaire, dozing off, watching useless TV, and basically doing anything mindless you can find to do to pass the time. 3 pm comes and you find out your item won't be arriving on time or today even for that matter because of unforeseen circumstances. You fall into a slump because of the disappointment and you don't know what to do, you had your entire day planned out on receiving this package and once received you had all intentions of filling the rest of the day with said package. Upon not receiving it, you are at a lost now for what to do, not only did you not receive your package, you lost an entire day and now you are in no mood to do anything else but sulk in disappointment.(based on a true recent experience mildly altered)

Let's add patience to the above scenario and see what could have been. You had an entire day you could have planned out constructively. From the time you woke up, after having breakfast, you could have sat down and reflected on the day before and maybe even your week. You could have then come up with an action plan for the day, is there anything you need to do like laundry? After you have sorted out your to do list, you could have started on it right away, if there wasn't much on it, you have time to work on a few side projects, your blog, writing some job applications, practicing some essay writing for an upcoming english test, constructive reading, things that will benefit you in the long run. By the time you look around it would have been 3 pm and if the package had arrived you would have already have spent an already constructive day and can feel good to waste as much time as you want doing what you must with your new package. If it hadn't arrived you would already be patient enough to wait for it. Your mind would be at ease and you can properly plan the rest of your day, heck, it could be a blessing in disguise because you now have time to do other things you didn't plan on. If you so choose, you could even just relax and enjoy a little TV or doing some mindless stuff. The bottom line is that you wouldn't have wasted your

Patience can bring blessing to a lot of other stuff you do in life as well, a few examples are:

You could save up for an item you want with the possibility of getting it at a cheaper price later because of a price drop or finding it somewhere else or you could buy it on credit and end up paying way more than necessary for said item.
You can take some time, but some ingredients and make a homemade meal, saving money and more than likely getting a much healthier and tastier meal or you can go buy some fast food.
You could wash your clothes and hang them on a line to air dry which would either save you some electricity or save you a trip to the laundry or you could go with using your own washer/dryer or going to the laundry and lose out on some savings.
An extra $100 may seem impossible to find in your budget but if you can find just $10 a month to put aside, at the end of one year you would have $120. It isn't tough, it just requires patience.

There is another saying, 'good things come to those who wait'. This is also a true statement, just by waiting something beautiful or good can happen. This post also reminds me of the marshmallow test I read about on a few blogs before which was a study on delayed gratification which in turn, requires patience.

A lot can be achieved with a little patience, an oak tree doesn't grow in a day, the Great Wall of China wasn't built in a day and the Roman Empire wasn't achieved in a day.

Be patient, persevere and you can achieve success along with greatness in anything you set out to do. I am going to end with a link to a song that was stuck in my head the entire time writing this post. That song is from Sesame Street and is entitled, 'It's a long hard road'. I enjoyed Sesame Street as a child and it seems it has never left me.

Patience is a virtue.


  1. Reading it over now makes me want to write something even better.

    I hope it was good-ish.

  2. Thanks. I needed to read that just about now. Every now and then I fall into a VERY steep impatience mood where nothing can come fast enough.