Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mortgage Update--Feb 2012

I received our latest mortgage statement yesterday.  Our mortgage sits at $35,323 and that is after the March 1st payment has been made.  I've wrote before about how I want our mortgage to be gone before we start building our house.  We have $31,700 in savings and $10,500 in stocks that we plan to liquidate.  That would leave us about $6900 if we would pay off our mortgage right now.  Ideally, we would like to have about $20-30,000 in savings by the time we build. 

I have no idea if that is realistic or not.  It really depends on what kind of commission checks I see in the next few months and if we could get a tax refund or not.  I will know in 2 days about the tax refund.  Meanwhile, we need to live as frugally as possible and save as much as we can.  Easier said than done!


  1. Don't I know it. That last comment up above. It's so easy to say live frugally and then life happens. I hope your commission checks are big and plentiful.

  2. I have lots of faith in you. Lots and lots of faith. You have a great plan, have made some amazing strides thus far. You have a really well balanced portfolio in my opinion. The biggest problem I predict will be time but like I said I have faith in you. I am most definitely sure you can pull it off.

    You are doing awesome.