Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NYC Recap

Thank you all for your supportive comments!

I think that I ended up spending around $700 on my trip but we did some amazing things while there.  We went to a Cabaret show at the Carlyle.  We saw Chicago.  We were going to see The Book of Mormon but it was $460 per ticket.  Um, no thanks.  I did the Hop On Hop Off bus through downtown and uptown.  We had a drink on the 48th floor of the Mariott.  The bar rotates so we got to see the entire city at night.  That was $46 including tip.  I saw Times Square and it is so much like I thought but better.  I got my haircut and it is kind of growing on me.  I took the subway.  The only other time I've taken the subway was in Korea and its much easier to navigate when the directions are in English.  LOL!  I went shopping in Soho and ate at a few real NYC delicatessens.  I saw St. Paul's Cathedral and Ground Zero. 

Overall, it was a very cool experience. I'm glad that I did it but I would never trade my life for living there.  I missed Lil Punk so much and it was so wonderful to see her yesterday.  I realized that I'm not materialistic and my life is full of wonderful things where I live including my family, job, and my home. 

Have you ever went on vacation and had fun but realized that you are so appreciative of how your life really is? 


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! And you did a lot of stuff!

    I would never want to live there either...but visiting different places makes you appreciate where you live. I have one exception to this for me...when we go to the lake I always want to stay and never leave...(except this past year, but that's a different story!)

  2. That sounds like so much fun. Love that you got to do all those things. You're brave to ride the subway.

    We ate a rotating restaurant in the Space Needle once, it was amazing.

  3. Your post reminded me of an excited child who goes on his first trip. The way you describe everything was the same way. I can tell you really love travelling but just like me, home is where the heart is, new places are exciting but there is no place like home.

    My limit is two weeks for going anywhere and then I want to be back home.