Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Random Thoughts

Last night I completely prepared for doing our taxes on Tuesday.  I'm a little nervous because when I did a dry run with Turbo Tax I ended up owing money on our taxes.  I was hoping to get a big fat tax refund but I can only do what I can with our information. 

This weekend I had a few things that I wanted to do:
Prepare for taxes--Done!
Send in money for my employee with return (finally got this figured out)--Done!
Clean out car--still need to do.
Clean house--still working on this but its much better,
Clean out Lil Punk's room and box up old toys
Menu plan for the week
Spend time with Lil Punk--poor little girl is sick today

Y and I have been arguing yesterday and today.  He just doesn't get that I want/need more help around the house, both with picking up and with Lil Punk.  It gets frustrating on my end.

My friend wanted us to go to The Home Show today but we couldn't because Lil Punk isn't feeling good.  I'm watching The Celebrity Apprentice and its cool that I was just in New York and I can actually identify some places that I see on the show. 

Happy Saturday!  What do you have going on?


  1. Men never get it do they? Like dishes do them selves laundry suddenly appears in their drawers and the kids nose can wipe it self. Mine can't even flush a toilet.

  2. Hope your weekend gets better!

  3. If only men could multitask like we can! Hope your weekend was good!

  4. A little late on this one but I'm sure he will come around sooner rather than later. By now I am sure he has realized how lucky he is and I doubt he will take that for granted. I hope your weekend had gotten better. Mine started bad but it could only have gone up from there and it did.