Friday, March 2, 2012

Feb 2012 Goal Recap

  • Have tax documents ready Done!
  • File taxes--appt set for 2/28 Done!
  • Stick to $500 budget for NYC--I think I will do a separate post on this Fail!
  • Get house plans drawn up--If we don't get this in writing and as a goal, who knows how long we could put it off. Fail!  But we are getting closer
  • Make wellness check with doctor Fail!  Didn't even think about it
  • Keep to grocery budget of $400 Not sure.  I didn't spend much but didn't actually track it.  I need to do better for March. 
I will try to post March goals this weekend :)


  1. Yip. At least the taxes are out of the way. They carry the penalty. It's also good that you didn't completely ignore the house plans. Make sure to take care of this during March. Also the check up as well.