Friday, March 30, 2012

Still Here!! Internet Problems!

I'm still here but I've had internet connection problems lately and it sucks!  Right now we have AT&T wireless internet and I think that we're going to switch when our contract is up in December.  Not so happy with our internet connection.  Maybe if we didn't live in the booneys it would be a little bit easier.

We are pretty sure that we're going to build our house.  We met with the builders this week and things went pretty well.  We will try to keep it around $220,000.  And our start date will be around mid June (hopefully) if all things go as planned.  Wow!  I can't believe that its finally happening.  We have so many decisions to make and I don't want to fall in the trap of "We have to have this because its going to be our house!"  We still need to be very cognizant of our budget.  I will keep us to our budget! 

Work is super busy and it was kind of a stressful week for me.  Y had an appendectomy yesterday which was a surprise of course.  (I'm pretty sure that an appendectomy is always a surprise.)  Luckily, he went in before his appendix burst.  People, please listen to your bodies!  If you need to go in, just go in and get checked out.  I felt like a bad wife because I was worried about work stuff when Y was in the hospital.  Job stress!  Usually I don't really mind but its hard when I have a couple closings going on and I'm completely not able to work.  I think that I need a smart phone because of work.  Yes, that is a need.  I think it would pay for itself so I could work when I'm not at work.

So, how do you balance work stress and family?  Any tips?


  1. Yay! There you are. :) How exciting to be building your own home. I hope you'll post photos of the process. I for one am a construction junky, so would love to see pictures of how things are coming along.

    Work stress & family? Well, I have no family, but I generally just hibernate after work to wind down. I go to bed early with a good book and my kitties and try to get a solid 8 hours.

    Hope Y is recuperating well!

  2. Thank you, Northern. Y is doing well. He's pretty sore today but that is to be expected. We just have to be sure that Lil Punk doesn't jump on him.

    I hibernate, too. I often won't leave my house for the entire weekend. I go outside and may go to the neighborhood park but that's about it.

    I will try to post pics of the construction process. I'm so excited!

  3. I want to congrats you on the house building!! How exciting. I would love to get the chance to build one day. Nothing say new like a brand spanking new, designed by me house.

    I'm sorry to hear about the stress from work and Y. I hope he's doing much better now. It's hard to balance everything out, boy do I know it. Keep your head up, things will fall into it's place.

    As for the smart phone. I will have to be bad right now and encourage it. I have to admit mine has paid for itself. It's so convenient. I don't know what I would do without my phone. I'm one of those people that you see on the street, that walks into things or falls of the elevator because she's on her phone :)

  4. First off, Congratulations on moving forward with the house. That is so awesome and exciting, most people are buying houses, it's been pretty rare to see someone building there house from scratch. What I love about that is the possibility to have everything the way you want it.

    I'm happy you caught Y in the early stages, in 2010, my dad's appendix had burst and he was in a really bad state. After the operation, a lot of his blood stream was still poisoned because it had burst. He had gone to the doctor in the early stages but they thought it was something else which only made the situation worst.

    On the work/life balance, this is something I have been struggling with lately, mostly because I let money and plans for the future cloud my mind, the rule I set for myself when I started working was that family comes before my job and I tend to follow that no matter the consequences. Family is the one thing I would sacrifice money or even job stability for. A family needs time more than it needs an extra dollar, that is my opinion.

    Smartphones really help when it comes to working on the go but it only helps when it comes to emergencies. You don't want to become one of those people who end up working at the dinner table. Bringing home your work is never a good thing in the long haul so be careful. It can help bring balance or it could make it even more unbalanced.