Monday, April 23, 2012

Closing Out Old Bank Accounts

Almost a year ago we switched banks but I never closed out my checking and savings accounts at my old bank.  In part it was because our mortgage was with that bank.  I would transfer money from ING to my old checking account to pay our mortgage.

Today when I logged into that bank to check my credit card balance, I was surprised to see my checking account overdrawn.  I knew that it only had about $18 in it.  I was assessed a $19.95 fee.  I called the service center and they told me it was because I had their platinum package.  I needed to have $25,000 in either deposit accounts or loans.  Since I just paid off my mortgage, I was assessed the fee this month.  I asked the very nice customer rep to refund the fee.  He did so.  My plan going forward will be to close out the accounts at my local branch.

I love it when I get good customer service.  I was always impressed with that bank before and its nice to know that hasn't changed. 

I almost feel a little guilty about closing out my accounts.  Would you?


  1. No, trust me they made their money.

  2. I'm with Kim. I wouldn't feel guilty. I recently made a full change of bank accounts and can't wait to close this old one. Besides, leaving it open is just asking for something to happen. If you've waited a few months and nothing has changed, I'd say close it. (Also, most banks will refund up to 2 overdraft fees either per 12-month period or during the life of the account)

  3. I wouldn't feel guilty at all.

  4. You don't have to feel guilty at all. What you can always do is promote that banks customer service when someone is shopping for banks. I myself love good customer service.