Sunday, April 15, 2012

Massive Pantry/Freezer Challenge

From now until June 1st, I plan to completely clean out our pantry and freezers.  Yes, we have 2 freezers, a deep freeze and a freezer on top of our fridge.  I plan to clean them out because we will be getting rid of our house and moving to an apartment for a short period (more on that later). 

There is not any point in moving food to another location.  I plan to have a completely bare pantry and freezer.  The only exception for the freezer food may be possibly food that we would grill.  Our grill will remain at our place with the freezers so we could and probably will actually grill when we're out here from time to time. 

I think that many of us are guilty of having food in our pantry that we bought with good intentions but when are we really going to eat i?  I'm challenging myself to use down all of our food.  Hopefully, our grocery budget will decrease as well.

Does anybody want to join me with cleaning out your pantry/freezer in time for summer?


  1. must have a tonne of food! We're clearing out this week for a no/low spend challenge! But we'll starve if I don't shop next week! LOL!! Good luck!

  2. Sounds like a plan. Our freezer only usually has meat, and meat always gets eat. I actually need to restock this week on a lot of breakfast stuff and lunch items. I think most people have two freezers. I think a deep freeze can actually help you save money.

    This apartment thing is a bit of a surprise. Looking forward to hearing more on that.

  3. Carla, we have a lot of meat and frozen veggies. I will still need to shop for some things like fresh produce, bread, and dairy products.

  4. I would be happy to join you in a challenge like that. We butcher every winter and stock up on lots of stuff when it is on sale. I will be home most of the summer with a house full of children. It sounds like the perfect time to do a serious clean out of all of the stuff, especially after finding a roast from 2010 in there!

  5. Ha! A friend just told me about finding a bag of corn from 2007 in her freezer.

    I recently cleaned out my top freezer because every time I opened it I felt like it was booby trapped. Food is so much more likely to get eaten when you can actually see what's there.

    I have been trying to eat down our basement freezer because we've got a lot of beef in there that needs to be eaten. I've already noticed a dent.

  6. I have to do this too. Embarrassingly I saw some bread in the pantry that is weeks old. I usually use up all of my bread so I must have just forgotten about it. I will check the pantry and freezer today...also the fridge. I threw away a ton of salami the other day because it went bad. I feel awful!!!