Thursday, May 3, 2012

Construction Process Update

Our appraisal has been ordered.  Of course I know all the appraisers in my town.  I'm very hopeful for a good number, thinking $280,000.  I need to e-mail him specs and set up an appointment to come see our place. 

Our hopeful date to close on the construction loan is June 1st if all goes well.  We will need to move prior to that and have our double wide moved as well.  We don't actually have a place lined up to move to.  Yikes!

The bank has pretty much everything that they need.  We still need to get them Y's paystubs and a couple other minor things.

Lil Punk was home sick today.  Poor little girl had pink eye.  I felt so bad this morning when I went to wake her up and her eyes were so crusted over that she couldn't even open them. 

1 comment:

  1. Pretty big risk you are pulling not having somewhere to move to yet but it doesn't seem to be a big concern the way you put it so no worries there I guess.

    I hope Lil punk recovers quickly. Crusted eyes can really make you feel sad.