Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Out Of Sorts

We moved this weekend and last night was our first in our new place.  I feel out of sorts in it.  I guess that its not really home and its only for a couple months so there's no point in getting too comfy. 

We spent a lot of money moving.  We spent a lot of money on eating out.  Storage bins were another expense.  Of course, there was gas money.  Also, we did have to put a $100 deposit down for this place.

To top it off, I realized today that I made my car payment twice this month.  I wasn't sure if I had made it so I made it again and they both posted today.  Oh well but it would have been nice to keep the cash for other expenses.

I also took a little bit of time to reflect on loved ones that are gone this weekend.  My best friend died in a car accident 8 years ago.  She would have been 31 last Friday.  I still miss her so much.  We are all so lucky to have another day.

On a brighter note, Happy Summer!  It's finally here!


  1. Moving is expensive. Experts day it take 10 years to reach status quot. The average family moves every 7 years which is why Americans can never get ahead I am glad you are settled for the time.

  2. It's scary how fragile life can be so we really are lucky to have another day.

    I didn't know summer started on the 29th lol but Happy Summer! I'm not sure how mines will be but I intend to enjoy it :)

  3. Summer actually starts June 20th (on this hemisphere). I can understand you feeling out of place, and thankfully that place is just temporary. Home is not the building or the decor. Is the you and the him and the other people, emotions and memories you decide to let in and stay, then take with you. So no rush on creating a home!

    Are you keeping a list of those expenses from moving? I'd love to see how they're broken down. I just love hearing about moving experiences, even if they're not always happy for the people moving.

  4. Sorry you're feeling out of sorts, moving home can do that. And I'm sorry about your best friend. Life is so precious, it's easy to forget that :)

  5. Sorry that you are feeling the blahs! I am also feeling that way. A little has to do with finances and a little has to do with lack of free time. You'll feel the excitement when you move to the new house, I am sure of it!

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. I know that summer doesn't officially start until June 21st but I think that it unofficially runs from Memorial weekend to Labor Day weekend. That's just how I've always thought of it.