Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Realtor: Real Job or Phoney?

I work closely with many realtors.  I have great respect for a few but I think that most could really careless about anything but their paycheck at the end. 

I have not had good experience with realtors that we've used.  The first one kept trying to get us to buy a twinhome and we told him numerous times that we didn't want it.   He always talked to Y and competely ignored me except when there was a big bathtub.  Then he would make a comment about how I would fit in that tub.  Um, I'm 130 pounds.  Whatever!

The second realtor that we used did not go to bat for us when there was an acreage discrepency.  She was very nice but just thought we should accept that we were getting over 2 acres less for the same price because it was still a good deal.  It is about $5000 per acre for farmland here.  Why should we just accept a $10,000 reduction in the asset that we are buying?  We finally did get $6000 off and a riding lawn mower when Y met face-to-face with the seller.  Our realtor and his realtor couldn't work it out when it only took 10 minutes of Y talking to the seller to get it all figured out. 

What prompted this post was a realtor this week.  She steered a young couple toward a mobile home in a very bad area that she had listed.  Now she is supposed to be working for the buyers but she is looking out for her best interests.  In no way can you convince me that buying a double-wide in a crappy neighborhood is the best way for a young couple to spend their money.

I think that there should be only listing realtors and only selling realtors.  I don't think that a realtor should be able to list and sell properties.  That way they would be forced to look for the best interests of their clients.  Does anybody else agree with this?

Do you think that being a realtor is a respectable job or that its the job for the phoney?


  1. I think most realtor are out for their own best interest and have very few morals. Kind of like a car salesman. But there are some really honest good ones out there. You just have to look.

  2. I didn't have much understanding of the job until reading this post and I know this probably isn't all there is too it but from what I get, they sound like insurance sales people.

    I think in most sales jobs, the sellers are usually looking out for themselves and not the customers best interest. They are a rare few you do and they are the ones that stand out.

    By splitting the realtor's job though, I think they would be forced in someways to look out for the clients best interest, although I can bet that some of them would just team up so they can both gain in the end, which wouldn't totally solve the problem.

  3. I think they are definitely in it for themselves. When I think back about how our realtor was, it makes me shutter that I was clueless on her motives.

  4. We had a great realtor when we sold our first home. He was a retired police officer so that might've had something to do with it. That was back in 2009 and he said that the number of practicing realtors had already dropped by half as a result of the recession. He said there's a lot of realtors that have no business selling houses but they get into it hoping to make easy money.

    In my area most real estate brokers have dual agents but there is one company here that strictly represents buyers only. I think this is a great idea. We purchased our last home without a realtor representing either party. The sellers really had no business selling their own home, but we did benefit from the extra work because they under priced the home. While realtors have both pros and cons, I believe they do serve a valid purpose, if you can find a good one.