Monday, May 21, 2012

Sold Our Appliances!

We sold our fridge, built-in microwave, stove, washer and dryer to the guy who is taking our house for $1300.  We kind of wanted to keep the fridge and stove to have a beer fridge in the garage and a canning stove but we want the money to buy new appliances.  $1300 won't pay for all the new ones but it will put a nice dent in them. 

I'm a little bummed about parting with the stove because I will have a glass top one and you can't can on them because it's too heavy.  I will have to figure out a different option for canning. 

We're still in our house but only have our essentials including mattresses, boxsprings, clothes and a few dishes and pots and pans.  This is becoming much more real. 

Did I mention that I cannot stand moving?  Does anybody actually like moving?


  1. Good stuff! :) That will be a nice chunk towards new appliances, hopefully you'll be able to find some great sales!!

  2. The way you post, I would have sworn you were enjoying this whole moving ordeal. I've never done it but I think I would enjoy it, or at least most of it. Seems pretty awesome selling off your old appliances as well and living bare bones for a bit.


    Thanks for taking on that Anon for me, I was just going to pass it off as ignorance and ignore it, especially since they were cowardly and contradicted themselves, but when I read your response, I smiled so big and felt so happy. Thank you so much.

  3. Rafiki, my pleasure! They really pissed me off