Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Appliances: Ouch, Very Ouch!

Last weekend Y and I started looking at appliances and bought them.  We walked into Best Buy with the best of intentions to browse around and we left Best Buy the next day the proud owner of LG appliances.  A new fridge, range, microwave/hood, dishwasher (yay, it's been almost 2 years without one), front load washer and dryer. 

Now the part that I'm very, very hesitant to admit.  We spent almost $7500 all said and done.  I'm so embarrassed to write this and this is an anonymous blog.  We basically went all out on our appliances and I can't believe how much they cost.  The most ridiculous thing is that we paid almost $1000 more for the front load washer and dryer because they have a larger capacity and use less water. 

We did leave the store and go comparison shop with the other stores in town before we actually bought them.  We signed up for a Best Buy card and got 5% off and 18 months without any interest so we will have them paid off in the 18 months. 

I don't know what caused us to go overboard with the appliances but we were driven by a couple different things.  We have an open floor plan and we want a very quiet dishwasher.  LG happened to make the quitest one at only 45 decibels.  We bought cheap appliances for our other house and ended up replacing our dishwasher and range after about 3 years. 

I'm completely justifying my purchase because I still feel bad about it but not bad enough to actually return them.  What do you think?  Think I'm stupid and overly indulgent?  Think I made a worthy splurge?


  1. Ouch...but hopefully they'll last for ages.

    PS. I've been without a dishwasher for 3 years now and I understand your yay! :)

  2. I think you have been very careful about everything else, you can splurge and not worry too much!

  3. I want a dishwaher :( You are going to love the washer though it really does save on water

  4. Ouch!!! I hope they last for a long time & are as great as you're hoping! Enjoy!!

  5. There is nothing wrong with buying good, quality appliances if you can afford it. Congrats on the new appliances! $7,500 actually sounds reasonable for all of the items that you purchased.

  6. You've been really diligent saving up the money to pay off your land and former house in order to build this awesome new home. While I know expenses can really skyrocket when you're building, you probably would regret buying low-end appliances when everything else is just as you want it.

    I have a really quiet dishwasher and guests comment all the time about how awesome it is! You will notice and appreciate the difference and that justifies the extra dough.