Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Super Busy and Lazy About Money :(

We've been so super busy with the house and running out there every night that we've gotten very lazy about not cooking and grabbing food on the go.  We live in a little town where the fast food isn't very expensive but it really adds up.  We have made a habit out of this and it needs to stop.  Yes, technically we can afford it but its such a huge waste of money. 

I need to be better about menu planning and using my beloved crock pot.  Any other ideas on avoiding this money trap?


  1. I tend to cook on weekends for the week as my job entails crazy hours too. Multiple crockpots and planning -- something I am making an effort to do. Hope that helps.

    Jean - MN

  2. make some 'freezer' meals once a month :)

  3. Quick-thawing meat (e.g. boneless chicken breasts frozen flat in a single layer) to grill and stuff to make a quick salad-this is our go to meal in the summer. I use my crock-pot tons in the winter. I'm feeling kinda hypocritical here though, as I didn't meal plan at all this week (first week in literally years!) Good luck.

  4. Since we are meat and potatoes kind of people, I make sure to have a large bag of salad made up once a week. Then I just know potatoes at least 4 different ways, rice, noodles and some kind of meat entree. I thaw meat at least three days in advance. So pork chops, boiled spuds, peas, salad. Chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, corn salad. Meat loaf (make ahead), bake potatoes, broccoli, salad. When I make pork chops I will make two extra and freeze then thaw and make a big pot of rice in the rice cooker. I will thaw cooked meat and chops vegies (onions,carrots,celery,garlic, broccoli) fry all in oil and them scramble two eggs into mixture, finally fry rice. This is so good and great to heat up for lunch. When I make mashed potatoes I always make extra for Shepherd pie. Anyway just always think ahead and cook a little more to be added a few days later. It really helps. Then you are not home going, crap what is for diner and you go get fast food. I am all for fast food, but eventually it adds up and is so high in things that are just not good for you.