Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Things Friday

Here's a little post to get to know me:

1.  Favorite food:  Lasagna--I love it!
2.  Best Purchase in the last week:  TV mount for our big TV from Best Buy.  We bought our appliances there so I had $130 in coupons.  I only had to use $110 in coupons and paid about $10 for the tax.
3.  Most Unexciting purchase:  Probably gas and ibuprofen
4.  Odd Thing I look forward to everyday:  Getting the mail--even if its just bills or junk mail.  I always love getting it.
5.  Most Odd TV Show I Really Like:  Women Behind Bars.  I find it fascinating to hear their story and how they got to where they are--usually involves drug and previous childhood abuse.

What about you? 


  1. I love chocolate, I bought a little china snuff box for my earrings at the National Cathedral. Least exciting is as always gas for the car! I always look forward to my morning blog, love to read all my regulars including you! Most odd TV show, I really don't get to watch TV, but I guess Hoarders, it makes me sick but I can't figure out what makes them tick.

  2. Favorite food: pasta with marinara
    Best purchase: new winter coat (with 40% off coupon!)
    Least exciting purchase: Cough syrup for my sick husband
    Odd thing I look forward to: first five minutes at my desk when I check e-mail and drink my coffee (after a hectic morning with my 15 month old it's a relief to sit quietly by myself!)
    Odd TV show: don't watch much these days... Love Dragon's Den but I don't think that's odd :)

  3. Favorite food: NC style barbecue Mmmmmmm
    Best purchase: This week? 20% off on the food I bought at Big pitiful is that?lol
    Least exciting purchase: The food I bought at Big Lots
    Odd thing I look forward to: Writing up my Bill chart at the beginning of each's cathartic.
    Odd TV show: Our America--a documentary style thing on OWN I'm a sucker for a documentary.

  4. Favorite Food: Slow cooker beef roast, a little over cooked, with gravy and all the fixens.
    Best Purchase: DH's new dresser. We'd already paid for it, but we got to pick it up Friday.
    Least Exciting Purchase: A replacement non-slip bathtub mat because the old one tore. Classy, I know.
    Odd thing I look forward to: I also love the mail! It's often the highlight of my day.
    Odd TV Show: My kids usually veto me, but I like to watch PBS's News Hour. It's really boring but it reminds me of my grandpa.