Monday, October 22, 2012

Mini Vacay Planned :)

On Thursday Y and I are heading to the Twin Cities to watch the Vikings vs. Buccaneers football game.  We're staying downtown Minneapolis at the Ramada.  I'm so excited!!!

My mother-in-law e-mailed me last week that she had 2 tickets she had purchased at a United Way auction and they weren't able to use them.  Did we want to go?  I talked to Y and even though the timing isn't great because of our money situation, we want to go.  We're huge football fans but we've never been to a football game together.

My mother-in-law also offered to let me take over their hotel reservation for $199 per night.  I know its a nice hotel because I've stayed there and it would be a perfect location, but no.  Way too expensive for us.  I Pricelined it and got a room at the Ramada for $88 including tax. 

I'm so excited and looking forward to this time with Y (Lil Punk is staying back with a friend of mine.)  Yay for a mini vacay :)

PS Why isn't football an Olympic sport?  I have no idea why  the rest of the world would prefer soccer over football--I know this may sound ignorant but I really don't get it.  Football combines athleticism, skill, brains, brawn, some fights, throwing, catching and gameplay.  Isn't that the perfect game?


  1. Finally got here and caught up on everything that I missed.

    First off. Congratulations on the house! That is super awesome. Building had to be the best choice possible. I'm also happy to read so many other things are going well like Y getting a new job with better hours and the killer interest rate you got on the mortgage. I know money is a little tight and the appliances went on a card but you've always been amazing with money management and you always play it smart so I'm sure theses aren't things to worry much about.

    Finally, this vacation seems set to be awesome and I am glad you didn't turn it down.

    Football isn't as world renowned as soccer but I do admit it is an amazing sport even though it isn't big here in the Caribbean. I like soccer too though so I can't argue for one over the next.

  2. Have fun! I have a fondness for Minneapolis after living in Thunder Bay, Ontario (about 5 hours south of Minni) for 5 years-we often went for shopping and mini-getaways (as it was the closest city). Sometimes you just need to get away and reconnect. Glad the opportunity arose for you!

  3. Haha. You caught me on that... the world does prefer soccer (original football). So do I. I am starting to understand Am. football, and I really don't see the grace or fun of a bunch of buff guys fighting over a yard or three (I semi joke! Don't hit me with a football!). Now, I do enjoy watching football (or maybe I enjoy it more because of the company), but would take soccer to it anyday! I'm happy to hear about your mini vacation. And great job on getting that discounted rate for the hotel! Hope you two have lots of fun. Plan a dinner or something to go along.

  4. Have fun on your weekend get away!