Monday, November 12, 2012

Eating Healthier

 We're making an effort to eat healthier at our house because I'm a little bit concerned about Lil Punk.  Lil Punk is very much like Y.  She's not overweight but I can see how it could get to that point.  Y was a very heavy kid and got teased a lot about it.  I don't want Lil Punk to get teased but more importantly, I want her to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

We've started by limiting how much juice and fruit snacks she can have.  She can only have a glass of juice in the morning.  After daycare, she can have water and milk with dinner.  She only gets one fruit snack per day.  Snacks seem to be the biggest downfall and we've tried to really focus on healthier options like carrots, apples, other fruit or yogurt. 

I know that I'm doing the right thing as a mom by trying to curb the issue when she is only 3 but its so hard when she looks at me and says, "Please, Mommy!  I want fruit snacks and juice."  I really need to change my grocery habits so we don't have that stuff in our house. 

I cook pretty much all of our meals so I don't think that's the issue.  We don't have a fast food habit.  She maybe gets McDonald's once a month.

Has anybody else dealt with this?  Did you feel bad?  Did you know that you were doing the right thing?

Please hold the harsh comments about how I let it get to this point.  I'm very sensitive about this.  Thanks in advance, Blogging Friends.


  1. My youngest is like that too... really, it's a kid thing. You are NOT a bad mother because your 3 yr old likes treats. ;) I'd suggest baking with her.. Healthier muffin, cookies, loaves, etc... I think if fruit snacks are the only "junk" she's getting, you're doing pretty well! :)

  2. You are totally doing the right thing. I am just popping in to say popcorn and string cheese are things people like, and I have really been educated by the website, although I am nowhere near 100% yet.

    Heather near Atlanta

  3. Both of my oldest girls take after their fathers side of the family and they have weight issues. I never limited food but I had them going every night with movement activities, Dance, soccer, t-ball. I let them run, play. Very little tv time or computer game time. Exercise in fun ways. Just move. It will help. D#2 was actually overweight for a time when she was about 8 or 9. The doctor came in and told me she was 5lbs over for her height and for an adult that would be about 30lbs so we started moving. I mean 5 nights a week. It fell right off and it is still off. I never put my effort on food.

  4. You are doing great starting these habits when she is young. My girls are almost 3. We went through a phase where they only wanted juice but I realized it was 100% in my control (which it won't be with an older kid). I limited juice to one cup per day. Then later when they started a no milk phase (only water)I made them drink a cup of milk before their juice. Healthy food habits can be such a difficult thing but the end result will be worth it. I don't limit food, only sweets. I serve a meal and ask them to finish everything (including veggies) before they have seconds of anything. When I'm really pleased with their veggie consumption I will offer a special treat, but try not to make that a common thing. They see their grandparents every weekend and go to daycare part-time, where they are generous with treats so I don't feel like I need to give them anything. We keep meals to 4 times per day, sometimes fruit as an extra snack. We limit TV to 30-60 minutes per day so they are super active.

    You are totally doing the right thing! It's hard to say no to that desperate cry but it's for the best. Parents only have so long to teach kids good eating habits. By high school they will be buying their own meals at school and there is so much you can do that late in the parenting game. Good luck!!

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comments. It reassures me that I am doing the right thing even when it can be so hard at times.

  6. Good job, momma :) DD hasn't even had juice yet, and I am really hesitant to give it to her. Only milk & water around here - guess we will see how long that lasts. We lucked out and she would prefer to eat fruits & veggies over other things.