Friday, November 2, 2012

Respectfully Disagree

If any of you have ever noticed from my posts and comments on your blogs, I don't always agree with everything.  I have some strong viewpoints.  Here goes:

1.  I'm a Republican--I cannot fathom how Democrats want to heavily tax everybody and give it away in handouts.
2.  I'm a part of the 53% and think we should have more say
3.  I think same sex marriage should be legal--this is the same as not letting women or black people vote because of their gender or skin color. 
4.  I think that Christian fanatics are a bit dangerous
5.  I think Dave Ramsey is a genius and an idiot.  A genius for taking all the poor peoples' money and an idiot for his financial advice.
5.  I think that by chopping your grocery budget to nothing and living off of rice and beans is not a way to live
6.  I gladly spend plenty of money on beer and cigarettes
7.  I think the Duggars are good parents and don't see anything wrong with them having more children
8.  I think that individual bar owners should have say on whether they want smoking in their own bars.
9.  I think that Obamacare is a joke and cannot see how we are forced to have health insurance or have to pay
10.  I don't understand vegetarians.  We are at the top of the food chain for a reason.  Plus there is nothing better than a huge medium rare steak.
11.  I have no tolerance for people who want to live off of our system or others generosity when they're perfectly capable of working.
12.  I cannot stand people who blame their shitty life for being shitty parents.  Get over your life and do what's best for your kids.

These are just a dozen of the top-of-mind things that I often disagree with others on.  However, even though I disagree with you doesn't mean that I don't like you.  I will just argue my point.  Feel free to argue back.

That's what makes our country so great.  We are open to opposition and we welcome it.  We have an avenue for it. 

Do you get where I'm coming from?


  1. Yes, I get you.
    And I hate to point this out to you but from this post? tells me that you are a Libertarian, not a Republican. ;-)

    And I concur with the steak issue....

  2. So I think I'm confused - you don't pay federal income tax?

  3. I respect your viewpoints. I think it is important for people to be able to understand/like/respect people they don't always agree with. If not, we wouldn't be going anywhere!

  4. TeacHer, Oops! I made an error. I'm part of the 53%. I will correct. Slugmama, probably but I do vote Republican because I agree more closely with their fiscal policy and I think that they are electable.

  5. lol! Great post & amen on #10! Haha!!

  6. Funny post. I agree with most of your points except the Duggars. Come on, really? Give MOM a break! ;0!

  7. I may not agree with all your points of view but man oh man do I agree especially with point #11 & #12.

  8. We'll have to agree to disagree, & with regard to #1, let's not making any assumptions about why people vote with a particular party. Just like you disagree with some of the Republican's social policies, I disagree with some of the Democrats fiscal policies. And, I'll be damned if I'll vote for someone who has such ridiculous social policies. We have a very high household income, & I'm willing to pay more in taxes to help others through hard times. I don't object to providing fail safe systems to keep kids from going hungry & returning vets get back on their feet. I don't know any Democrats who support the abuse of the system, or push for policies that enable people to stay in it for any extended period of time. And, you should rest easy, unless yo're a millionaire, the majority of tax increases won't impact your family, & you will likely see a reduction in your taxes. Years of (non-partisan) research support the theory that giving the highest income earners tax breaks does nothing to help the economy - it goes into savings or offshore investments.

  9. Hawaii Planner, I agree that sometimes people need a hand and that is what the system should be for. But there should be a limit on how much of a hand you get. I don't think that kids should go hungry either or that returning vets shouldn't get a helping hand. I just want more of a limit on it. There needs to be a stop to the overspending.

  10. Sharon, I see how much they love and treasure their children and even though they are unorthodox, I think that they are very good parents. To each their own :)

  11. I agree with you on some, but I will have to say no to cigarettes! But that is only because my dad passed away partly from lung cancer.

    And I'm with you on the taxes. I hate how I pay so much, and that there are so many handouts.

  12. Michelle, you are right about the cigarettes. They do need to go.

  13. Love this post. True and from the heart. Rock on!

  14. Can't say that I agree with you on everything, but great post and I agree with most of them!.

  15. I totally agree with almost all of your post :) Especially Dave Ramsey - what a crock! As a religious person I find him especially offensive. I think he preys on the religious community and uses scripture to guilt people into following his system.

    And yes, we are part of the 53% (barely). And I think the 47% comment was taken WAY out of context. Its true - they DON'T pay federal income taxes, so they don't have as much skin in the game.

  16. While I disagree with some of your points, I think it's amazing that you're willing to state them firmly and clearly. Good on ya for standing by your opinions. I think a lot of people pussyfoot around afraid to offend, and not prepared to debate intelligently on the things they believe. I'm all for hearty, respectful debate :)

  17. The Republicans have really shot themselves in the foot with their fixation on contraception issues. I know of several women who will be voting for Obama solely based on this issue.

  18. Anon, I've already made it clear. I'm open to opposition so you can state your name if you would like. I won't think any less of you. In fact, my sister holds your viewpoint on contraception. I don't have an issue with birth control and I think that it should be available. The huge issue that I have is the pro-choice. It is a fetus, not a choice. My newborn daughter could not have survived without me taking care of her but its not my option to end her life because she's mine. That's how I see abortion. I understand that not everybody who gets pregnant is cut out to be a mother. That's okay. There is no shame in adoption. It is the greatest gift that you could ever give somebody. If you are unable to support yourself both financially and emotionally when you are pregnant, there are adoption agencies to help. For an unwanted pregnancy, adoption is the answer, not abortion. It just breaks my heart to think of the many fetuses that are legally killed every day, every year. It shouldn't be a choice.