Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Gift for the Mailman

I'm a firm believer in getting something for our mailman.  We live in the country and its not always easy to get here in the winter with the snow.  The roads can really be a challenge in the winter and I appreciate our mailman bringing our mail even in inclement weather.  Yes, I know that its his job but I'm still appreciative.

I usually bake him cookies and this year was no different.  For the third year in a row, I put a plastic baggie of chocolate chip cookies in our mailbox.  I don't do anything fancy like ribbon or anything.  In fact, this year I didn't even include a note because I was running behind but just wanted to get them in the mailbox before work in the morning. 

I always get a handwritten thank you note.  Well, actually its a Post-It with a few words.  This year it said, "Thank you for remembering your mailman again this year.  It really is meaningful. --Ben"

I know that some people will vehemently disagree with getting something for somebody who is just doing their job but I'm a firm believer in something small to show my appreciation.

Side note:  When we lived in town, I did not get for my mailman.  I had no idea who it was and we had community mailboxes. 

Do you do something for your mailperson? 


  1. I always remember my mailperson. Years past I've bought bags of Dunkin donuts coffee at the DD store and given out coffee. Some years if I am on a baking roll, I do cookies/fudge too.

    Since I'm home I frequently talk with our mail lady so we have a face to face relationship. Plus she picks up my eBay packages(the few weeks I do eBay now)and delivers those heave boxes of Priority boxes to my house so I can fill them and have her pick them up.
    During the summer months, I'll give her fresh veggies out of the garden too.

    The PO has a rule for carriers that they can't accept tips of more than $20 to keep things from devolving into a "bribery to get your mail" sort of situation, but service personnel do appreciate being thought of and tipped.

  2. That's very sweet... i've always thought about giving my mailman something, but have no idea what to give him, as I don't know him other than him dropping my mail in the mailbox. I thought about a coffee gift card in a card perhaps...?

  3. I don't only because we never have the same mailman two weeks in a row. We havent had a regular mailman for about 2 years so I wouldn't even know which ones to tip. I did give gifts to the crossing guard when my kids were younger and I always take something to the firehouse down the street.

  4. My grandma taught me this when I was young. She gave $5 to the maillady and sanitation workers for xmas. She always offered cold drinks to anyone who would be working outside on our house. This year I finally have it together (with my kids getting older) enough to bake for everyone - daycare provider, post office ladies, librarians, etc. You do have to be careful these days because not everyone is allowed to accept gifts. My husband has a job where he accepts NOTHING, not even a drink of water, because sometimes people turn around and try to use the littlest things against him.

  5. We have a different mail main throughout the week, & a community box, so I'm not very familiar with all of them. That said, when I lived out in the country, we always did something special - homemade cookies, baked bread, etc.

  6. We always our postman a monetary tip - he's really good to us and will go over and above his job to deliver any parcels or larger items.

  7. http://www.annies-eats.com/2011/09/09/salted-caramel-chocolate-shortbread-bars/

    Here's the link to the recipe. I would used powdered/icing sugar in the shortbread however, it'll make it less crumbly...

  8. I think that's really nice. We have a community box so it doesn't really apply for us, but if we didn't, we would make something for the mail delivery person too!

  9. I always put something out for the mailman. I've had the same one for several years now, and he even "manually" forwards Christmas cards and things that go to my old address, which is on his route. I've visited with him a few times and it turns out he and DH went to high school together, but didn't really know each other. I put out a gallon Ziplock bag containing a sack of beef jerky, some truffles, and a few other small candies. I always get a prompt thank you note as well.

    I also put a bag out for the garbage man. I put it in a box on top of the can. Usually with a "Merry Christmas and thank you!" note. I've never talked with my garbage man, as he's always in a big hurry, but I appreciate his service more than any other. I know it is an unpleasant job, and I want him to know I don't take him for granted!

  10. I didn't this year (didn't get myself together enough), but I have left a card and some scratch lottery tickets in the past. I think the gesture is appreciated, even if it's not the same person all the time. Cookies is a great idea!

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