Friday, December 28, 2012

December 2012 Debt Round Up

This is where we're at after this very expensive month of December.

Car  $10,200  Down $350
Student loan $4,149.41  Down $333.47
Best Buy CC $5,000 Down $1000

Total that is paid off this month is $1,683.47 for the month.

I need to post my 2013 financial goals yet but they will basically focus on paying off debt and saving money.

I've only been to the grocery store/Walmart 3 times this month.  We've spent right around $500 this month on groceries.  I'm happy with this amount.  I think that its a reasonable amount because it includes toiletries.  I also started stopping at the Dollar store for small things like tampons.  It's much easier and cheaper to run in there than tackle Walmart. 

That's about the only area that I'm happy with this month.  We've just been spending way too much money.  We need a break from spending.

How was your December? 


  1. Great job on your Walmart/grocery numbers. That's especially impressive in a month with lots of entertaining, parties, & holidays.

    Shockingly,we did well in December. I need to crunch all of the final numbers, but I'm SO pleased!

  2. I'm happy to see that you're hitting that Best Buy debt hard. Those time sensitive deals always make me tense until they're paid off. It's also great that you're keeping your grocery spending under control, as I've noticed the price of groceries has been going up, up, up around here!

    We spent way too much money too. I thought we were doing okay, but apparently I completely overlooked the fact that DH hadn't bought my Christmas gifts yet and he always goes way overboard (not because I want him to... he just gets really excited over Christmas). I'm not sure I want to know the damage!