Thursday, December 13, 2012

December Short Days

It's starting to hit me a little bit how short the days are when it gets dark at 4:30.  I know that its only mid-December but I already am starting to feel the winter blahs.  I'm thankful for the snow and love looking at it but am longing for spring when everything starts growing.

Y and I have been trying for baby #2 for almost 6 months now.  Still not happening.  Do me a favor...when you see somebody that you think should have a baby, PLEASE, PLEASE refrain from openly commenting on it.  Some people seem to think that its their business to comment on this at the most inopportune times like Christmas dinner. 

One area that I am proud of is that we have not been to the grocery store or Walmart for almost 2 weeks.  It will be 2 weeks on Saturday.  We've saved so much money by getting what we need and doing without until our next shopping trip.  It's those "little" trips that really kill our grocery budget. 

I've done most of my Christmas shopping online this year for the first year ever.  I've taken advantage of coupons from Kohl's, JCPenny, Herbergers, etc.  I used to love shopping but its gotten to be more and more of a headache for me.  I cannot stand the crowds like I used to. 

Happy December!


  1. Its pitch black dark here by 5pm as well... brutal! I like my sunshine!! So during the day everything is OPEN and the sun streams in as much as possible!! I hate shopping in December also... brutal. I'm thankfully done my shopping!!

  2. From someone who had a hard time getting pregnant and actually buried two children nothing was more painful than running into a well meaning church member with our 7 year old and having them say what do you mean you only have one? I would just quit trying and give up and then I would get pregnant. Or I would plan a trip and I would be sick the whole time! It will happen.

  3. It's dark here in Seattle around 3:45. So depressing. I also have to do all of my running on the treadmill, & I detest it. . . the dreadmill.

    Fingers crossed for you on the baby front.

  4. I'm excited that after Friday, the days will slowly start getting longer again (Dec 21 is the shortest day of the year).

    I'm sorry to hear that people are saying insensitive things about babies. Not that you're infertile, but I have close friends with infertility issues that have the most appalling stories about the things people say about having kids. I hope it works out for you soon!

  5. I'm sorry to hear baby #2 isn't coming along as soon as you'd hoped. We have family going through similar issues right now as well, and it breaks my heart. With my second, I really expected I'd go off the pill and wham-bam here we go. It didn't happen that way, and instead took about four or five months. I think what finally did it was thinking back to the "time of month" I got pregnant with baby #1 and then trying to make the magic happen again around that time, instead of when all the calendars said I "should" be ovulating. Best of luck to you!