Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 2013 Debt Round Up

It feels like we'll be in debt forever.
Car $9850 Down $350
Student loan $4015.24 Down $134.17
Best Buy $3400 Down $1600
Total paid for the month is $2084.17

Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Phones!!

Y and I just got new phones. We got a buy one get one deal so we spent $100 on both plus $40 for my phone protector. I'm pumped that I will be able to check my work e-mail from my new phone. Yay!!
Do you have a smartphone? Do you love it?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tax Appt Made!!

I know that I think like a PF blogger when I get excited about making my tax appointment.  I had to change accountants this year because our other one was 45 minutes away and very inconvenient.  I kinda know this new one and she comes highly recommended.

Crossing my fingers that it goes well!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bye Bye Anon

I had to delete the option to leave anonymous comments on my blog because I was getting so much spam.  The spam comments were getting really icky so I just had to take away that option.

I'm thinking that it won't really affect the real comments.

I'm a little bored with my blog.  I find that I don't have a ton to right about with money right now.  I guess that I'm in a blogging funk.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Goals

  • Pay off Best Buy Card
  • Pay off Student Loan
  • Get Savings to $10,000
  • Get Savings to $30,000
  • Start Non-retirement investment account
  • Get $10,000 in investment account
  • set up 529 plan for Lil Punk
  • save all quarterly bonuses for Lil Punk (these average around $200 per quarter)
  • Pay off my car
  • Finish covered porch
  • Do Landscaping
  • plant apple trees
  • plant blueberry bushes
  • plant asparagus
  • plant blackberry bushes
  • Run at least one 3 mile race
  • drink more water
  • Floss every day
  • Keep sodas to one per day
So far I've only focused on drinking more water and I've been successful so far.  I'm not sure if I really want to pay off my car.  It's at 0% interest so it would make more sense to just save the money but it would improve our cash flow to pay it off. 

What do you think of my goals?  Achievable?  Measurable?

Happy 2013!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Goals Reviewed

Here is the list of my 2012 goals.  I got so busy that I never updated my goals but it became clear that our only goal was to build our house.  We're happy that we did that and we will change our focus in 2013.


  • Stop and stay not smoking  FAIL!!!
  • Pay off mortgage  SUCCESS!!
  • Keep $30,000 in savings  FAIL!! 

  • plant 2 apple trees  Fail, this will carryover to 2013
  • plant asparagus  Fail, carryover to 2013
  • plant vegetable garden  Success but it didn't do that well because we weren't here to water it.
  • plant herb garden Fail.
  • Run at least a 5K Fail.
  • Go on a mini-vacation with family  Fail
  • Go on a solo vacation (NYC will count as this.) Success.
I really look forward to 2013 and all that it brings.  I will post my goals soon. 

Happy New Year's!!!