Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bye Bye Anon

I had to delete the option to leave anonymous comments on my blog because I was getting so much spam.  The spam comments were getting really icky so I just had to take away that option.

I'm thinking that it won't really affect the real comments.

I'm a little bored with my blog.  I find that I don't have a ton to right about with money right now.  I guess that I'm in a blogging funk.


  1. Hey other than goals January is a boring month, it is dark, cold, boring......

  2. Good thing is that probably means more people are finding your blog :0)

  3. I had to modify some settings as well - I wonder if it's a blogger platform issue.

  4. I've been considering the same... a lot of the spam is just good ol' spam with links to boot, and most are caught by the spam filter, but they're getting kind of annoying, as I get an email notification every time...

  5. You know, I've been having the same spam problem. I thought it was because I took such a long break from the blog but I will have to do the same and remove the anon comments.

    Don't worry about the funk, just do stuff that you find interesting with your time for now and share anything you feel, doesn't have to be money related. Since coming back from the break it has been fairly easy to write but I will see how long it lasts; I'm not pressuring myself.

    So long as you are happy that is all the matters.

  6. I hear you! It seems like when I have something interesting to write about I am too busy to write... then when things calm down I just twiddle my thumbs. Still, I find it nice to "put it out there" every now and then.