Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/19 Spending Update

Yesterday was a no spend day because we had yet another blizzard. It was Presidents day so both Y and I had the day off. We just chilled at home and watched movies.

Today's spending is as follows:
Gas $44
Beer $18.52
wine at a fundraiser $6 (the ticket was free from my work)

I need to go to the grocery store this week to check to see if they have any discounted meat. Last week they had a ton of marinated pork tenderloins that were expiring on 2/25 for $5.99 per pound. If they still have any this week, they should be marked down to $1.99 per pound. We love these so I will buy plenty if they have them.

It doesn't bother me in the least to buy expired meat because I just freeze it. Do you think its odd to want to buy cheap, expired meat?


  1. I usually hit my local pm or sr on the way home from dropping my daughter off at school and an able to get great markdowns on meat and fruit/veggies. But now one of the other dads is taking in for awhile so not sure what I am going to do..its only 5 minutes away so I may go anyway

  2. I stock up on meat when it's in sale for hubby... But for myself, I eat organic or go without. After watching Food Inc. I just can't eat factory farmed beef & like to support local farmers as well... The kids will eat both organic and "regular" though... Gotta save & spend $$ where you feel it's important! :)