Monday, February 25, 2013

Fixing a Crappy Day

I had a really horrible day today that was a mix of things not going well for current deals and missing out on a new deal because I didn't buy my flooring in our town from the only overpriced dealer.

I did something that would make my day a little brighter. I bought and delivered flowers to my best friend. She's not pregnant anymore and has had a terrible week obviously. She's been in the hospital three times in the last week. She is super strong and I know she will make it through but I want her to know that I've got her back.

What do you do when you have a horrible day? Do you focus on doing something nice for somebody else? Take extra time to play with your kid? Exercise?


  1. I'm sorry your day was "off" and horrible, but I love how you decided to bless someone else for that feel good pick me up instead!!!

    Role model!

    I'm sure she appreciated that you thought of her!

    If i'm angry, i exercise if its just a horrible day, the husband and I will lay on the bed for a while until I feel better-- maybe hit a pillow or two playfully :)

    I like your solution better. I'm going to totally try that out!

  2. I agree! What a terrific way to make yourself feel better - and someone else, too. What a lovely gesture! I have to admit I'm not very good at taking care of those sorts of feelings (horrible days) very well or healthily. All I want to do is eat and watch TV, so I need to find a more productive way of burning that energy off. This gives me food - the good kind! - for thought. My birthday is coming up shortly and I try to make a "to accomplish" list to complete by my next one. It doesn't have to be grand or scary or anything, but I need to feel proud of myself, have some experiences and generally just feel better about being. I think I need to add something like that to my list: exercise/be kind if cranky/tetchy/horrible day. It'll do wonders for me! :) Thanks for the inspiration

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend. Yes, I tend to exercise when I've had a bad day. It changes my mood pretty instantly. I love the idea of focusing on doing something kind for someone else, though.

  4. when I have a crappy day or week... I pick up my grandson and bring him over to the house. He chases all my ugly thoughts away. :)