Friday, March 15, 2013

2 Week Menu Plan

I have a menu lined up for the next two weeks, everything bought, and a hundred bucks left in our food budget for March. This menu planning does really work.

Chicken Caesar wraps
Tuna melts
Steak with baked potatoes
Little smokies with baked beans
Cheese ravioli with sauce
Meatloaf with potatoes and veggies
Turkey brats with pasta salad
Bean soup
Homemade pizza
Gingery fish and noodles

We do eat veggies with every meal but I didn't put on the menu because we just have whatever we want that night. Also, I don't specify the day we're having stuff because I like switching it around.

We got our refund from the accountant yesterday for $125.

We both got paid today and I made another payment to BB. It now has a $600 balance on it until I get my reimbursement from my work. I will then pay it in full.

It is snowing and sleeting here so it will be a quiet weekend at home. What are your plans?


  1. Looks good!! I'm horrible with menu planning, but it does help a budget for sure! Good thing you clarified about the veggies... I once left that out as well (we just do whatever every night as well) and got reamed out by a reader... *rolls eyes* lol!