Monday, March 11, 2013

The Cost of Snow

This has been a very expensive winter in regards to snow removal. Let me give you a little background. We live in the country on a gravel road with a long driveway. Our first winter here was two years ago. We had an agreement our neighbor for plowing us out at $40 per time. It was also a snowy winter and we ended up hiring our neighbor almost every day. He would plow us out so we could get to work and it would blow so bad we couldn't even drive in when we got home.

Last winter, Y bought a cheap old tractor from a friend for $2000 and a blower for it for $2200. He did not use it one time last year because of the lack  of snow.

This winter we've gotten so much use of this tractor. Y has been blowing out our drive on average 4-5 times per week since mid-January. We've been spending $40-50 per week on gas for the tractor. It's freakin expensive and we're so ready for it to be over.

Y would like a new-to-us compact tractor. One would easily run us about $20,000 for one that's 10 years old. Tractors are spendy and hold their value well. We could probably sell our current tractor/blower for around $6000.

One more thing to save for. Sigh...


  1. We here in Wisconsin are getting our money's worth out of our snowblowers as well! Your right - last year -- nada. This year is making up for it. I am also ready for it to be OVER (& I actually LIKE winter!)

  2. Shew! I will take my two crazy snows over having to do that every day. The city shuts down here when it snows more than 6 inches at a time, and in one week we just got 20+ inches! That probably seems like a dusting to you :)

    Would the tractor also be beneficial for maintenance on the gravel drive & mowing in the summer? I am too much of a city girl so I don't know how multi-purpose tractors can be.

  3. As a Florida girl I never thought about the costs of snow removal.

  4. wow, i never thought about how much that costs either. Can't you get one of those snow plow things that attach to the front of a truck or something? I remember when I went to college in MA, the dad of one of the families I babysat for had a truck and he would attach this snow plow thing to it.

    I feel like there should be cheaper alternatives that a tractor, no?

  5. Newlywed, the issue with a regular plow is that it leaves ridges. Where we live, the wind is what blocks us in more than just snow. We definitely need to consider that option though. Sam, we could use the tractor to dig the garden.

    I'm not complaining about where we live. Dealing with the snow is just one of those things. By living in the country, our property taxes are less than half of what they would be in town and we love our acreage and privacy.

  6. That was the first thing I bought my dad when he moved back to turtle lake. A huge snow blower and a lawn tractor with a plow attachment. Sorry about the cost, but spring is coming.

  7. I really love my island life. Rain is much easier to handle than snow. I also can't stand being cold.

    I feel your pain though. Thankfully it is soon over.

  8. OUch!! That's brutal! We have an 18 yr old who shovels for 'room & board'.. hahaha!! We woke up today with a bunch of snow again, when yesterday it was all gone!! :( *sigh*