Thursday, May 16, 2013

No Excuses

This post isn't exclusively about debt but more about life in general. It greatly annoys me when people have excuses for everything that doesn't go their way in life. I have written about it before in this blog but I had a very hard life up until the age where I was able to start making my own decisions. I am estranged from both my parents and one sibling. I am not able to go back to my hometown without hiding out because I get physically sick. It was very rough but I knew I could change my life around by working hard and making good choices in life. I did that and have succeeded.

I did it by not making excuses. I powered through the rough times by knowing that I could do it. I used all resources available to me.

It is said that after Anne Frank was captured by the Nazis and sent to a concentration camp, she was so happy to be outside and hear the birds. That is more than looking at the glass half full. That is the optimism that I want to carry throughout my life.

ETA. I am in no way comparing myself to Anne Frank. I merely admire her and her optimism.


  1. It is a lovely sentiment - to be as optimistic as one can.

  2. Anne Frank is like my childhood hero :D Even if we're in the gutter we can still choose to look up at the stars.

  3. I came here from C's blog because she said you compared yourself to Anne Frank and I wanted to see how she arrived at that conclusion. Anyhow, I haven't read any of your other posts, but I intend to do so soon. I can really relate to what you're saying in this post. I had a terrible childhood too, but like you I am doing my best to be optimistic. Like C, nobody in my family worked and we lived off of government assistance (no matter which relative I was living with, this was the case). Heck, I was often the only one in the house with a job. Nothing like buying your mom gas and cigarettes at age 12, haha. Anyhow, I wish you the best and look forward to reading more of your posts.

    By the way, you make a lot of good points with C. I hope she finds what she's searching for soon.

  4. She's definitely someone to be admired. Situations will happen whether you want them to or not. What can make a difference is if you will be miserable because you have to take a long detour, or if you will enjoy the new sights this detour offers.

  5. I agree... we have to "rise above it". But there are some people who will ALWAYS have excuses and reason why they have it "so hard".

  6. I always admire the people who come from nothing and find a way to make it. My family was dirt poor when I was young and yet somehow all 6 of us (my parents and us 4 kids) are all successful adults. Now we are a family that consists of an engineer, accountant, nurse, teacher, chemistry lab analyst, and doctor office manager. Not too shabby!

    It is hard when I read about people online saying how hard life is and how they just can't do this or that because 99% of the time it's just lazy people full of excuses. I admire that you rose above your parents and your situation and did something with your life instead of blaming them.