Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Goals Recap and July Goals

Looking back at my June goals, I didn't do to bad.

1.Apply Y's work reimbursement to the tractor
2.Increase savings to $6500
3.Pay $2500 on the tractor
4.File for flex reimbursements for dental appointments
I accomplished the first three but not the last one. I have been waiting almost six months to get my dental bill figured put with my insurance. Its been an ongoing headache.

For July:
1. Pay $2500 to tractor, bringing total to $19,500
2. Get new bed for Lil Punk
3. Add $200 to savings
4. Pay additional $200 to car, $600 total for July

Happy July!


  1. You are really knocking out that tractor debt! I hope you get the dental thing straightened out soon - sounds very frustrating.

    1. Thanks! I'm beyond frustrated with their billing department. In fairness to them, I think its my insurance to but I hate having something hanging out there like that.