Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Musings

We had a busy day planned with a birthday party but Lil Pink got sick about an hour before the party. We of course cancelled and she was so disappointed. We will have to set up a separate playdate with the birthday boy.

We are planning to go to the zoo tomorrow with friends. That should be very fun. My town might not have much but we have an awesome zoo. You can spend a good four or five hours there looking at all the different animals.

I weeded my garden for about 3 hours today. We've had so much rain. Everything is growing rapidly. I've had a few spinach salads from my garden. Love that!

We ended tonight by having a family bonfire. Good summer fun!


  1. Hope your little one was better for the zoo today! Enjoy your day! :)

    1. Thanks, Carla. She's still a little touch and go but we made it to the zoo. :)

  2. Sitting around the fire pit is one of my favorite summer activities. Maybe one of these days it will stop raining here long enough to feel like summer!

  3. It is a mess here. All it has been doing is raining. I'm afraid that our house will look like it has been abandoned because we haven't been able to mow because of all of the rain. LOL