Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekly Spending 6/14.13

I'm kinda liking doing these spending reports weekly because they do make me think about my spending more closely.

Groceries 80.25
Beer 43.58
Eating out 28.38
Gas/car wash 68.93
Bar stools 39.99 (I had a $200 gift car)
PTO shaft 174.01 We borrowed our neighbor's tiller and Y lost the shaft when returning it. Expensive mistake but we spent at least 6 hours looking for it with no luck.

Total of $435.14. Excluding the PTO shaft, we spent $261.13. Not too bad.

Somebody is coming to look at Y's bike tomorrow. Fingers crossed that they buy it.


  1. I do these posts as well. I really find it makes me way more aware of how I've spent my money and it makes budgeting way easier. I also consider my purchases since I have to tell "the world", well my readers exactly what I've spent and on what, really makes you think before buying!

    Not a bad job last week at all! Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks. Yes, it does make me consider my purchases when I know I will be disclosing it on my blog.