Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly Spending 6/7/13

I have not done a weekly spending report for a long time but I feel that our spending is getting away from us and I want to have a better handle on it. This includes all of our household spending, excluding regular bills.

Prescription 5.91
Eating out 13.37
Y fun 16.90
Beer 18.52
Gas 83.69
Target 104.02
Groceries 139.52

Total $381.93

Expensive week. For the Target purchase, Y commented last weekend that it looks like nobody lives in our house because we haven't decorated. We got a few things at Target for the house and I got a maternity shirt. In coming weeks, we will likely be spending more on the house and of course maternity clothes.

How was your week?


  1. People may not think anybody lives here if they go by decorating but if they go by trash and messiness, yep!....we live here. lol

    1. Lol! This was right after he decided to spend all Saturday morning cleaning. Not really my idea of just relaxing.

  2. I have $100 a week for groceries and $100 a week for gas. I am failing miserably. UGH

  3. Lol, awesome that you guys spent more on beer than eating out. What color are you going to paint the nursery, if you have one? :D

  4. I keep track of every single item we spend money on in an excel spreadsheet. I don't really keep tabs on week to week as long as everything works out in the end. For example, last week we spent a bunch of money, but this week we haven't spent a penny. It's easier to keep tabs on by month, in my opinion.

  5. Here's a thought - try finding some thrift shops and scoping out their maternity clothes. I cannot tell you how many amazing things I find in thrift stores - and seriously how beat-up can maternity wear get? Not like you preggo gals are swinging from trees and climbing in the dirt with them on! I see a TON of Old Navy maternity & Gap maternity in our local thrift stores! Might be worth a look for you!