Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just For Asking

I have saved over $100 this past week just by asking. I ordered a bunk bed set online from almost two weeks ago for Lil Punk. I still haven't received it today but checked out Target to see if it was on sale. I have been watching this set with mattresses for over three months when I finally decided to order them for her birthday. They were on sale today so I called Target. I didn't know when I called that they have a price matching policy that includes their own website. They informed me of their policy and are sending me a gift card for $41 and change.

The other way I saved money was on our DirectTV bill. I received our bill and it was $40 more than usual because we being charged for NFL Sunday Ticket (this is $225 per year--holy cow!). I called them to cancel it and I asked the guy if they had any discounts available that we qualified for. The guy said he would take ten bucks off our bill for 6 months. It was that easy.

Just for asking...