Friday, August 9, 2013

August Pantry Challenge 8/9/13

I'm doing a pantry challenge for August. We moved into our house last September and I prefer to eat my pantry down to nothing at least once per year.

I have spent $122 so far this month on groceries. My goal is to keep grocery costs under $400 for the month. That is very tight for us. We usually spend around $550 per month. My garden is in full swing and that is helping out as well.

Tonight is the Vikings' first pre-season game. We invited friends over but I'm not sure they'll be able to make it. Go Purple!


  1. We are definitely in that mode as well, since we don't want to move anything from our pantry. :-) We've spent about $70 on fresh produce/milk so far this month, which is very little for us. I'm hoping to keep the month under $250, until we get to California & have to restock everything.

  2. I too am trying to what what is on hand. In I am broke!:) Minnesota Vikings?

  3. I am not sure we can be friends BFF is a Packers fan, and by default (I don't follow football), I am "forced" to Go Pack Go. ;)

    1. I know they are longtime rivals but the Packers have gotten so arrogant. I so hope that the Vikings beat them this year :)

    2. Like I said....I don't follow football. Personally....I don't care who wins!!! My standard answer when watching any sporting event is "go green team!" Even when there isn't a green team, I root for the green. I have rooted for the grass before!