Monday, September 23, 2013

Maternity Medical Costs

We are very blessed with wonderful health insurance through Y's employer. There is not any monthly cost to us to have the family plan for health insurance through them.

I called our health insurance today to see if they would cover a breast pump. They will only cover it of your baby is required to stay in the NICU and the mom is discharged. I also inquired on how much it is going to cost me to have this baby. Year to date, I've paid around $75. I have a $400 deductible with a maximum on coinsurance out of pocket of $750. The most I will have to pay will be $1150 but baby will start incurring his own charges and have his own $400 deductible. However, they have a program available where I have to take a couple phone surveys and they waive my deductible. Yay!!!

Then the representative asked me if I was going to have the baby in our state. I am not as my town doesn't have a hospital. I will go to MN to have the baby. This is in the town right next to mine but split by the river and Stateline. Because of this, there is an extra $500 charge. I'm not really surprised by this because my state often has incentives to keep it local.

Now I could deliver in the town 45 minutes away but I'm not going to change doctors and go there. It would have cost me more than $500 to doctor there between time off work and gas. Plus, it is local to me to go to MN in the town I work in.

We flexed $1000 this year for medical and we still have around $700 left.  We will still need to cover some out of pocket but it shouldn't be too bad.

I prefer not to get an epidural or other drugs. I don't even want an IV. I just want to push the baby out the same way I did Lil Punk. Of course babies do have their own agenda so we will see. Epidurals are really expensive so it will save money by not having one. I'm not skipping it because of the money though. That's just my own preference.

We are very blessed to have awesome health insurance. It was around $9000 to have Lil Punk 4 years ago so it will be interesting to see how much the costs have increased. We had different insurance at the time and we paid around $1500 out of pocket that year for health care.

If you've had any babies, how much did they cost? How long ago?


  1. That is great insurance! My oldest is seven, & my youngest is six. Our insurance has changed since then, but at the time, both kids were entirely free. No cost out of pocket a tall. We felt super lucky.

  2. Funny that you mention living in ND but going across the line to Minn to have the baby. My mother went into labor a month early as she was having twins and did not know it. So dad drove over the bridge to Minnesota instead of to the Fargo ND hospital across town as it was closer. We (my sister and I were born in Moorhead). My first baby cost us $900.00 after insurance, the second (4 years later)$88,000 after insurance the hospital forgave 1/2 and we paid the other 1/2 over a 24 year period of time, Third baby (3 years later) cost us $1100.00 after insurance and the fourth ( 5 years later)$1100.00 after insurance. So really not much difference out of pocket on the healthy babies. Franka was just plain old expensive. But worth every penny.

  3. Can't go by me....when I had Bossy and Sassy, maternity was covered 100% (we still had our premiums of course), minus a few small things. So for me....the cost was almost nothing. When the kids were discharged from the NICU....their bill together was 1.5 MILLION. No, we were not responsible for all of that.

  4. Wow...this seems just crazy to me. I'm in Canada and the price tag will be $0 to have a baby.

  5. My 1st is 14 now but she was free. My 2nd is 6 and he was almost free (I only had to pay 1 $10 co-pay for my 1st appt. to confirm the pregnancy but after that, there was no co-pay even for the specialist - high risk pregnancy) and 3rd was also almost free (same as 2nd), she is almost 4.
    My 1st pregnancy was picture perfect, medical bills were 10k. My 2nd was far from normal, and after all the surgery/hospitalizations/medicines/visiting nurses/at home monitors the bills were over 150k. For my 3rd I needed a specialist and surgery. She was born at 35 weeks, her bills were a little over 30k. Despite being preemie she didn't require NICU time & even at 5lbs she had some healthy lungs (still does). Hubby is a teacher so he has great cost to us. My 1st was born when I was working for Metlife and they too had awesome insurance. Those bills included an epidural with each and 2 days hospital stay (except with #3 we decided on a private room which we paid for ourselves).

  6. I can't believe how many people remember so well! I spend all my time trying to forget. Ha!
    Both of my girls ended up being delivered cesarean. They were born six years apart with different hospitals, doctors, and insurance. E, my youngest, had to spend a few hours in NICU but she was discharged the same time I was. I think O (circa 2004) was around $12k and we paid $1100 out of pocket. I made payment arrangements with the hospital at $200 per month. I believe E (circa 2010) was also around $12k but maybe as much as $15k (like I said, I try to forget). I only paid a $25 co-pay for her and then a $400 hospital co-pay @ $200/day, so $425 total. I think my insurance covers the baby under my maternity care for the first few days.

    It astonishes me how much it costs for basic, healthy childbirth, but I am thankful for the medical advances that make things so much more hopeful if something does go wrong.

  7. Like Jessie above, I'm in Canada, and maternity care is covered by our government health plan. I had a few out of pocket costs because I gave birth at home (e.g., just some supplies the midwives recommended I have, like washcloths, a plastic sheet to protect the bed) but would have had parking at the hospital if we'd birthed there so I saw it as a bit of a wash really. I feel so fortunate. I've been reading lately how much it can cost to have a baby in the US and just shudder at how people can afford it, especially given the abysmal mat leave etc. that you have to deal with there.

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