Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Random Things About Me

1. I have never swam in the ocean but would like to.
2. I am completely comfortable talking to anybody about being regular/irregular. Poop is not embarrassing to me. Everybody goes!
3. I like watching show about prison inmates. Many times it is their socio-economic status and poor decisions that have intertwined to land them in prison but they all have a story.
4. I once drove on the Autobahn in Germany. My friend was still too drunk at 7am and I needed to get to the airport.
5. Shopping for jeans is my favorite--except when I'm pregnant.
6. I loved my baby inside me as soon as I found out I was expecting. I'm not sure if dads can really understand this.
7. High quality bed sheets are definitely something I value (TJ Maxx is awesome for these).
8. I failed eighth grade art. Its just not my forte.
9. I just started a Fantasy Football league for the third year at my work.
10. At one point, I would like to become a foster parent. I had a rough go in my early years and I think that I could bring something to the table with being a foster parent.

What is one random tidbit about you?


  1. I was 20 when I finished college. My school only had one "graduation" so I had to wait for May to get my degree. It was a few days after my 21st birtday.

    But I had a letter in December stating that I had met all requirements for my B.S. At 20.

  2. I have the pom pom off a French sailor's hat. Said sailor gave it to me for giving him and his friends a ride from Hampton, VA back to their ship docked in Norfolk, VA.

  3. I went to a karaoke bar for the first time a couple weeks ago in Iowa. I don't know where any are locally and I don't even drink, but I had a blast and I'm dying to go back. It was the most fun I'd had in years.

  4. Well, not really about me, but still fascinating (I think). My uncle used to teach a playwriting class at Harvard, & his is the class Matt Damon wrote "Good Will Hunting" for. He wrote just one act for the class, & told my uncle it was the start of something bigger :)

  5. I think we would be best friends if I lived in ND or you lived in MO ;)

  6. Thanks for the tip about TJ Maxx, I'll look for sheets there!

    I still hold a grudge for not making Drum Major in my high school band. Sigh.