Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weekend Away with CC Rewards

Y's parents invited us to go to the Vikings game the weekend of October 13th. I'm so excited. We will be driving with them and staying at the same hotel. The way we book a hotel is through Priceline and pay $50-60 at the most. My mother-in-law found a hotel with a tram to the game but with tax it cost $148.

Luckily for us, I have my rewards from my new credit card, Amex Sky Blue. I get up to $400 in airfare, hotels, or rental cars reimbursed. I will definitely be charging the room to my card and getting reimbursed for it.

Of course we could have requested to stay at a cheaper place but we are getting free tickets through them and riding down with them. I feel it would be rude to change the hotel that they've already decided on.

I'm super excited. Now if the Vikes could just won a game... They are playing the Carolina Panthers who are 1-2 so maybe... Fingers crossed!


  1. Hey, an entirely "free" weekend ... sounds good to me!

  2. That sounds so awesome. I really would like to get a rewards credit card but all the ones offered on our island have a yearly fee, the cheapest being $75 a year.

    I'm not sure if the rewards are worth the cost. The one I am looking at gives air miles for American Airlines, like 1 point for every $2 I think. I don't think I could use it enough to ever get a free flight.