Monday, October 14, 2013

Garmins, Priceline and One's Health

I was so looking forward to this weekend and it was not very a good weekend. We left around noon on Saturday and my in-laws drove. They had just bought a Garmin and were trying it out. For the record, I effing hate Garmins after this weekend.

We had a very nice dinner and drinks at the hotel. We realized at this time that the hotel was not centrally located to the Metrodome. We had to take a bus to the Mall of America and then the light rail to the Dome. I guess that my father-in-law has severe mobility issues that we weren't aware of and needs a cane to get around. This is a huge issue when going to a football game. His mobility issues stem from previous smoking, overeating, not exercising, previous knee surgery and other health problems he has. (He is 60, so not old.)

The Vikings lost and the game pretty much sucked. On the way back, my FIL could barely walk so it took us a long time to get to the light rail. Over an hour after the game finished, we got back to their car. Enter road construction and the Garmin. The Garmin took us in a huge circle and my FIL wouldn't deviate. I finally got him to drive north toward the interstate but the effing Garmin told him to turn so he turned. It took us over an hour and a half to get out of the Twin Cities.

Two worthwhile things came of this weekend. I realized that Priceline is the bomb and it sucks to overpay for your hotel. The other thing I realized is that I need to push Y into taking better care of himself. If he can't walk to a football game on 20 years, I will go without him. If he got in a car accident, I would accept that. I'm not accepting him being unhealthy and watching him self-destruct like his dad.

I don't care if I sound cruel. One's choices today dictate tomorrow's path.

What are you thoughts on Garmins, Priceline, and taking responsibility for your health?


  1. We pay $2 a month for verizon navigator on our phones and love it. Except when my husbands phone died while we were trying to find our way back to our hotel after the concert this weekend. I left mine at the hotel. I'm an expedia girl, never booked anything through priceline. Sorry u had a rough weekend.

  2. Sorry about yoru weekend! We just purchased a new vehicle and paid for the navigation package. We had tested it when we rented the same vehicle while on vacation and DH really liked it. Plus it seems easier for him to accept the navigation from the car rather than from me reading it on the phone, and he's sensible enough and has used enough of these devices to know when to shut it off.

    On the health issue, DH is a runner and in excellent shape. Running daily for 5+ years seems to have reversed the deteriorating health effects of being a long-haul truck driver and the associated bad food, no exercise, SMOKING habits he acquired (to be fair he only smoked about a year and decided to quit when we began the plan to get him off the route that kept him away from home majority of the time). Now that he does not work outside the home, he has more time and energy to devote to his overall health, so I am the one I'm worried about taking better care of myself. And no, you do not sound cruel. I think about it a lot, because I can imagine us 10 years from now and how impacted DH will be if I don't get off the couch more often and get more regular exercise NOW so I can continue to participate in our active lifestyle later. Better to learn and practice good habits and preventive maintenance now so I can still enjoy my older and grayer and working less years later.

    1. I think you have the key on that you need to exercise common sense when using GPS. Regarding my husband's health, it really scared me when my MIL turned to me and said how it was likely my husband would be in the same shoes as FIL in 20 years. That would mean that he would barely be able to attend our kids graduations, not take grandchildren to Disney World, never take a cruise post-retirement, not walk our daughter down the aisle, this list goes on.

  3. We have 2 garmins and we have had probs. Anna had the oldest one and on the keypad there was 5 Ws. You have no idea how hard it is to program it when you are missing letters. But it is old and we were told that the update would fry the system so that garmin is in the cabinet. The newer one Anna now has. She hasn't had a problem with it BUT she only really uses it when she comes home and she knows the way. It is just there as a backup. The good thing about having smart phones is the free APP from google maps. Best GPS EVER!