Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh No, Murphy!!!

We received news today that we need a new well and it will cost around $5000. Yikes! We don't have that much money in savings anymore. I guess it will need to go on our home equity line of credit. I'm sure glad I opened that.

Y had called several well guys in the last couple months. We thought we just needed a new pump. The one guy got back to him today and told him that we need an entirely new well. $5000 is just an estimate but it won't be over $6000. Our well is around 35 years old and they only last around 15 years.

This really stinks.


  1. I am sorry. But you are so lucky to live where ground water is higher. It costs about $20,000 to get a well here. If you can get the water rights. Water rights are so hard to fight.

    1. I guess they will need to go down about 120 feet. We are lucky in that we don't have a fight about water rights.

  2. How is is that as soon as you spend money to pay something off....the Universe knows and makes something else happen. sorry!

  3. "No good deed goes unpunished" is the old saying that comes to
    Sorry this happened to y'all.

  4. Hi - friend of Judy's here. I live in London, ON but am moving permanently next June to my house in PEI. We have a well in the basement of the house and the water has tested fine the last couple of years. How do you know when you need a new well? I have no idea how old the well is - the current house is 60 years old and was built on the foundation of the previous house that burnt down. YIKES!

  5. UG...well at least you have access to the money. Hopefully it will be less...


  6. That sucks! It does sound like as soon as you pay one thing off, another thing happens, and its been like that at our house too. Makes it hard to save! Hope it lands on the lower end.

  7. Where is that baby? Get to work, I want a baby.