Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Underpants for Christmas??

Every year I buy a gift for a needy child. This is done through our local county. I get a little bit of information like age, sex, clothing sizes and interests.

I received the information today about a 14 year old female. Under the clothing/size category, she wrote: shirts XL, underpants size 6 and jeans size 13. Under the interests category, she wrote: nail polish, glitter, makeup, like kitties and puppies.

I can easily buy something for this girl. I figure I will place an Avon order because you can get lots of little sparkly makeup and nail polish fairly inexpensively. I will get her an outfit too with underpants.

However, it really breaks my heart for this poor girl to have to ask for underpants for Christmas. And from a stranger! Can they really not afford underpants? This just makes me so sad. I'm excited to buy this girl a nice Christmas gift.

Do you think its sad to ask for underpants for Christmas?  

Sidenote: Y and his two brothers still get socks and underwear from their mom for Christmas. Even Lil Punk now gets socks and underwear. I only get socks from my MIL.


  1. That is sooo sweet of you!! My wife is a teacher and every year we also try to help out here and there during the holidays with kids needing stuff. Since you are helping out I will make it a goal to also do something for a kid. Nothing wrong w. giving undies, my mom still packs Hanes in my stocking LOL


  2. Underpants can take quite a hit on the budget and yes, for many, it is not something that gets put on the "must-have" list. Usually, we do one needy child for each of our children and senior citizens for me and my husband. They all ALWAYS get undies. Sad fact of life.

  3. Aww, that is sad, but it so good of you to help her out! I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

  4. I don't think it's necessarily sad... it's just something that people would rather not spend on. Like socks. Very necessary, but you'd rather spend on other items. We also do this kind of giving at work, and we always include undergarments for the kids (socks and undershirts mostly, no undies). But just to have to ask a stranger for stuff is really hard, especially if they really need these things. We're still always hesitant with some of these gift-giving programs, as they lack the screening resources, and you end up with parents and no scruples that ask for high-end, generic gifts (toys, dolls, electronics) and turn around and sell them for some fast cash.

    Anyway... socks are always a great choice, especially the plain, wear-everywhere kind. I asked for socks specifically last year and nobody got me a pair because they thought I was kidding, haha. I ended up buying myself some, and that was all I got for Christmas. I was happy too!

  5. I don't mean to be silly but I thought of asking for underpants myself. It's one of those things that you can get by with wearing ones that are falling apart. So you're okay, and don't NEED them but are constantly wanting them anyhow. I imagine this 14 year old will be VERY happy to have new ones! You're doing a great thing!!!

    And Tanner, I buy my hubby socks every year for Christmas, haha

  6. I think this is a girl who is truly asking for what she needs. A few years ago we had adopted a family and each member had asked for underwear and socks. They are just one of those things that fall through the cracks. For some families the choice between food and utlitlites and things like undies and socks are a choice to be made. Food wins every time. I think this is a wonderful thing your doing

  7. See, I thought socks & undie sizes were standard on all adopt a family and giving tree types of events ... I've never participated in an event that didn't have underwear sizes for at least all the kids in the family (and usually the adults as well). My Mom used to tell me it was important to buy the undies for the families because it's difficult to find used undies the way you can find other used clothes (I have no idea if she had a reliable source for this info or if she just made it up ... but it sounds like a plausible explanation).

    1. I agree! Thrift store t-shirts are one thing... used undies are another!

  8. We have a family tradition of socks in the stockings and undies wrapped under the tree. My mom started this and I have continued it and hope my kids keep it going.
    Make sure you get her some spiffy 14 year liking kind of undies ND Chic, not some plain, white Grandma pants. lolz

  9. The child my mother adopted last year asked for a winter coat :( How freaking heartbreaking is that?!

  10. My work adopts a few families and I always think its sad what the adults request. Winter hat, gloves, gas cards, soap. I always feel like we need to throw an extra exciting gift in for them too.

    When I was 14 I did ask for cute underwear and bra sets from my mom so it could be she just wants some cute underwear.

  11. I get my kids underwear every year for Christmas. They love it! :)!

  12. In past years, I had a couple girls who wanted winter boots. I bought fake Uggs, warm hat and mittens. Last year, the girl asked for size 7 skinny jeans. I had a couple pair that were like new that were too big for me so I wrapped them up for her. We get to see what they want before we volunteer for that child.

    I will get this girl some cute age-appropriate underwear. Thanks for the input.

  13. It is what she needs. Our eldest took a little girl out shopping as part of a law enforcement Christmas. There were plenty of male officers to take the boys but not enough females. So J as a prosecutor was recruited. The little girl had $100.00 and she spent every penny on her brothers and sisters. J then spent $100.00 worth of her money on the girl. The clerk told her that was not the way the program was supposed to work. J told her, I can afford it. That story just breaks my heart. Here is a little girl with nothing and she spends her money on others.