Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Goals Review

I revised my financial goals in June after we purchased our tractor and we were planning for our new baby. I don't regret changing my goals midway through the year because they need to be relevant.

1. Increase savings to $10,000--Fail. Right now it is at $3850.
2. Payoff tractor--Done!
3. Increase retirement savings to $75,000--Done! I don't have final numbers for the year end but it should be around $80,000. The market definitely helped with this goal. Our total in retirement savings at the beginning of 2013 was $52,934.11. This doesn't include any of our pensions.
4. Paydown car loan to $5,000--Done!

I think that I will have my 2014 goals finalized soon.

How did you do for your 2013 goals?


  1. Well I decided to do Monthly goals and track/adjust them each month, instead of big honking yearly ones. But then I got sick in April and that all flew out the window. lolz This has been the year of less stress in my life and my ultimate goal was to stay alive. I think I passed..... ;-)

  2. I haven't done a full accounting yet, but after I got sick, I modified a bunch of my fitness goals. I think I'll do a full 2013 report in a few days. :-)

  3. $80 000 in retirement savings, not including pension, is amazing. jealous!!! Good for you. You paid that tractor off fast.

  4. No goals really. I tend to do better with small weekly goals rather than large yearly ones. I am going to give it a try for 2014 though - just need to get through Christmas first!

  5. I think you did a great job on your goals! The savings hit was because of the well and you didn't anticipate that but its hard to anticipate everything in life but that's what savings are for! I agree with Jolie, you guys are kicking *ss in the retirement savings dept! Good luck with your goals for 2014!

  6. Changing your financial goal in the middle of the year is all right, especially if your financial priorities have shifted. It's also a good way to see how far you've gone with your previous goals. But based on your list, I must say that it’s doesn’t affect you much, because you still managed to increase your retirement savings and pay off your car loan as well.

    Mandy Goodwin @ Appletree Financial Solutions